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Welcome To The 2021 Season

Due To Covid-19

No Grappling This Year!

2021 ​Black Belt Officials

To ALL Upmac Competitor's, Parents & Sensei's: Please Read the following Message!
If you place in the top 8 with the upmac circuit this season and you are up for an award, You MUST attend the dinner banquet to receive your award, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! Its to recognize each competitor for all their hard work throughout the 2021 season. I don't know how much more clear I can be about the banquet. You may NOT have someone else accept your award or have the karate school you attend accept it for you. It doesn't work this way! Its been the same way for the last decade and we will continue the dinner banquet in this manner for years to come!!! We appreciate everyone who supports our circuit and that is why we have these specific rules in place for attending the dinner banquet!
1. The competitor must attend the banquet.
2. You must purchase a meal.
3. Get recognized for your hard work throughout the circuit season.
Its very simple, If you come to the banquet, You will receive your award and if you don't, Their is always next year. The rules have not changed. Please keep in mind, membership is free, and we go out of our way to help any and everyone throughout the year when you are competing at any/all upmac events. Its a lot of work putting together a dinner banquet with awards for each and every competitor who placed 1st - 8th place in each division. If you need a dinner banquet form, Please go to our website at:
www.upmac.net. Print one out, fill it out and send it in to us with payment/meal choices. If you are reading this and feel you need to talk to someone about the dinner banquet because you can't attend, You may call Mr. Tarr at (567) 241-2648 to discuss it further but its not going to change anything but you are welcome to try!!!! We do bend the rules for certain situations throughout the tournament season but when it comes to the dinner banquet, Our rules will NOT change. Its simple and to the point and their are NO exceptions!!!!!


U.P.M.A.C. Tournament Photos 2021

Upmac Awards Dinner Banquet
December 4, 2021
Hosted By
Jacques Tarr
(567) 241-2648

Waterford United Methodist Church

20595 Waterford Road
Fredericktown, Ohio 43019

​​Doors Open at 5pm
Dinner Starts at 6pm 
Awards are given out at 7:15pm.
You must purchase a meal for the choices that are given in order to receive your awards.The money you send in helps to cover the cost of the awards, the food and the facility.
Awards will be Given to competitors that placed
1st- 8th in their respective divisions.​


Print Name Clearly for the recipient because that is how the name will be spelled on their award.

You MUST Pay For A Meal, No EXCEPTIONS!!!!

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