Upmac Director (567) 241-2648     Cell (419) 631-2215

                            51 West ogle Street 

                                Bellville, Ohio

​                                      44813

The U.P.M.A.C. circuit welcomes all forms and styles of martial arts. We encourage all competitors to share their unique skills as they compete in an environment of sportsmanship, tradition and fun.We also focus efforts on the youth involved in martial arts. Each event is operated with the proper attention to all competitors, not just those who are fortunate enough to win.

The Promoters are experienced Black Belts and Masters who continue to train and instruct both in their particular martial arts as well as their ability to judge fairly according to the rules set forth by the circuit.

The Circuit strives to grow by inviting judges,competitors and interested promoters to attend the tournament events and to be apart of an exciting group of a martial arts family. Tournament events are run in a consistent and efficient manner to make the tournament experience rewarding and enjoyable.

We as a circuit follow a code of respect for both competitors and judges in order to promote the most valuable aspect of martial arts. Safety is stressed at all times to maintain competitors health and well being. Healthy competitors can successfully compete all year without interruption.